What I’ve done:

I work with people from Ecuador to Canada, and all over the United States.

Safe Catch

Safe Catch came to with a clear problem: “We need a new website ready in a week.” – not only did we pull it off, but we created a new value proposition and standard of language for the brand. They also make the best tuna I’ve ever tasted.


Web Development, Email Marketing, SEO, AdWords, Responsive Design, Blogging, Ecommerce, Design, Keyword Research, Analytics


LogicMonitor had just taken on over $8MM in series B funding, and needed a full redesign as well as new sources of website traffic. We were able to boost web traffic by over 20% in just 3 months, and even more over a year’s time. Additionally, we helped them understand the marketing/sales funnel and created high-converting web forms. The work required the utilization of Marketo Marketing Automation, managing web developers and content creators, as well as understanding and helping to define their entire marketing-to-sales operation.


Web Design, Project Management, Email Marketing, SEO, Brand Development, Blogging, Graphic Design, Analytics, Converison Optimization, Marketo


A Santa Barbara based phone call tracking analytics platform, was looking for a number of piecemeal services we were happy to provide. We worked inside the mega-marketing platform, Marketo, to develop high-converting landing pages, we designed marketing communications, and provided SEO research to base their future site development on.


SEO Research, Landing Pages, Marketo Marketing Automation


A creator and pioneer of the Net Promoter Score, Satmetrix is the gold standard in determining how your products or services are perceived by your clients and customers. Our job was to help determine high-traffic SEO potential, create the recipe for those SEO goals, design landing pages, and help push as much of that traffic into a buy path as possible.


SEO, Landing Pages, Copy Writing, Design

Blum & Sons Electric

Blum & Sons Electric, Inc. serves the south central coast of California. The company provides electrical contracting services to large residences all the way up to the Cottage Hospital remodel. In an effort to recognize how far they’ve come in 40 plus years, we strategized and came up with a new website, SEO plan, and general marketing strategy to keep moving the ball forward.


SEO, Web Development, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development


A team of fabrication experts, architects, and craftsmen needed a website as well as a method of marketing to their growing list of customers. We built the site, provided design assistance, and gave surfaceLAB the tools to become an effective marketing engine.


Web Development, Email Marketing, Design

Anasys Instruments

Anasys Instruments is a medical/materials equipment manufacturer of nano-IR spectroscopy devices. The spectrometer is an extremely high-end piece of equipment, and there was very little search data available to base SEO strategy from. We are currently developing an AdWords campaign, examining SEO opportunities, getting better tracking from Analytics, and optimizing their web site for conversion.


SEO, Analytics, AdWords, Conversion Optimization

Foxwing Fitness

CrossFit Carpinteria has a reputation as one of the best and toughest CrossFit boxes around. When one of the trainers took over as the new owner, she sought a way to mark the improvements she brought to the box as well as broaden its appeal to those who think CrossFit is too difficult. With the rebranding, we’re fixing to make Foxwing Fitness the premier fitness location from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara.


SEO, Conversion Optimization, Landing Pages, Promotions, Print Ads, Facebook Ads, Web Development, SEO, Local SEO, Brand Development, Graphic Design

Joah Brown

Joah Brown created explosive growth in their social media presence without anyone’s help. That, by itself, is an incredible feat, and we were able to learn a lot about what they did to help our other clients, but we were brought on to help them do more with the audience they had the attention of. Sales have taken off and their site is performing better every day.


Web Development, Email Marketing, Design, Ecommerce, Business Structure

Gung-Ho Company

Gung-Ho has been around since the early boom days of Silicon Valley, and have been the go to disc duplication, software manual printing, and packaging choice for a number of software giants (such as Apple and Oracle). We helped craft their evolving brand, website, and marketing efforts into something that met the needs of today’s “on-demand” world.


Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, Marketing Strategy


An experience HVAC company breaks into the world of monthly subscription services. An app was already in development when I arrived on scene. The rest of the marketing effort had to catch up in a hurry. This includes a Go-to-Market strategy to launch them with a predictable budget.


Web Development, Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy, Budgets, AdWords, Copywriting, Persona Development, Mobile App UX

Valence Surface Technologies

Valence Surface Technologies is a company built of lots of subsidiary, regional companies for the aerospace metal finishing industry. Wow, what a mouthful. Yes, it’s a very particular industry with very specific things they need to see. Most importantly, it’s capabilities. This is not the world of colorful apps and pretty design, it’s the stuff that keeps your flight from San Francisco to New York in the air.


Logo Design, Hosting, Web Development

Ecuador Direct Roses

Family owned rose grower in Ecuador created a direct-to-consumer/direct-to-buyer platform that will deliver ubelievably fresh roses anywhere in the U.S. in about 4-days. I helped develop their website, design their marketing strategy, and launched their ecommerce platform in just a few weeks.


Web Development, Email Marketing, Design, Ecommerce

Organic Certifiers

A top certifier for organic producers and growers contacted me to bring their website up-to-date, and help with some general marketing strategy.


Web Development, Marketing Strategy

Granada Theatre

Santa Barbara’s world-famous, Granada Theatre needed some help to better understand their web traffic and ecommerce metrics. I created a number of custom dashboards to help make this easy.


Google Analytics


NxEdge combines leading-edge technology, an experienced team, and advanced capabilities to provide foundry solutions to semiconductor OEMs. I was brought on to give their website a more modern design.


Web Development